New Feature: Gmail Integration

Everyone that works with a CRM knows that it takes a lot of emails to close the deal. That’s why LeadMachine now has email integration with one of the most used email  services in the world: Gmail (both personal accounts and Google Apps for business).

Connect your email account to LeadMachine and let it make you life easier. LeadMachine will scan your Gmail account for the email address of every Contact that you have in LeadMachine. It will then bring into LeadMachine every email from your Gmail account that was sent to that Contact, and which that Contact sent you.

Now, when you view a contact, all of these emails from your Gmail account will be shown on the Contact record.

When all users do this, you will be able to see on the Contract record every email that your users have sent that Contact from their Gmail accounts. All of your information about the Contact is now in one place.

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