Integration with … everything … via Zapier

ZapierOne of the most useful features to any modern CRM is the ability to automatically get data in, and out, from your other software and services.

There’s a myriad of options, so to ensure we covered as many as possible we have partnered with Zapier and are in our last testing stage. This beta test is open to LeadMachine customers, but is available by request only.

If you need to integrate to another platform, contact us and let us know – we can then give you access to the recipes on Zapier and step you through getting your systems connected together.

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Full control via the API – Coming Very Soon

The Zapier integration to LeadMachine is built on top of our API, which allows you to write code to directly access and update your data. Soon after our Zapier integrations have been fully tested and released publicly, we will be opening up the API to allow you to take full control of your data. If you want to know more, please contact us and we will be happy to keep you updated on the progress.


This is CRM – done right!

After 18 months hardened battle testing with a number of our beta clients, LeadMachine is now open and public.

LeadMachine has a long list of powerful features, combined with awesome simplicity and an automation engine that will make your most boring and repetitive tasks trivial.

With great power comes great simplicity

contact-monitor2CRM systems are traditionally either very complex databases, or advanced “to do” management tools.

LeadMachine is designed to have all the power and features you would expect in any high end CRM system, but with an advanced automation engine to allow you to avoid unnecessary manual tasks, and to let you focus on your real sales and marketing processes.

Despite this power, our key design objective was always making LeadMachine easy to learn and simple to use.

Automated to the core

Unlike some other CRMs, we didn’t bolt automation on as an afterthought, it is built into every feature. Define a Search Group for your Contacts, create a new Lead for those Contacts, send a templated Email to the entire group, track the URLs they click on, and let our Rules move them through your Pipeline.

And unlike other CRMs, you don’t need to write code against our API to use all these features – they are all easily accessible by choosing your options through our application.

Free 14 day trial

Try out LeadMachine today and tell us what you think – for 14 days it costs you exactly NOTHING