You made the sale. Here’s how to make the post-sales process happen without lifting a finger…

Why a post-sales process is necessary in your business

After every sale is made, a post-sale process is necessary to ensure that your new customer feels valued, gets the most out of your product and refers other people to your company.

Some of the specific things that may useful in your business include:

  • EMAIL: Send the new customer a welcome email immediately
  • TASK: Schedule a phone call to begin the delivery process
  • NOTIFICATION EMAIL: Notify relevant people
  • TASK: Send a hand-written thank you note
  • EMAIL SERIES: A series of emails that will add value to the customer experience so that your new customer gets even more value out of your product or service.
  • TASK: Determine a reasonable time period when you will check in with your new customer to ensure that you’ve got a result
  • TASK: After you have achieved a series of great results for your new customer, you may wish to ask them for referrals

The problem with post-sales processes

So, for every customer there’s often 4 or 5 actions that need to be taken.

Are you going to do this manually for every customer?

And how are you going to keep track that it gets done? Ideally a team member would do it, but how are you going to make sure that they actually get the work done.

How to automate your post sales process

Setting up a post sales process in LeadMachine is easy.

Typically you will want to create a trigger which is ‘Deal is won’ to trigger a Post-Sales Process Flow.

The flow would then include all the actions you have in your post-sales process. So, just by marking a deal as ‘won’, all of your actions will be executed by the Flow.

Here is how the flow would look…


When you create a task, give it a due date. This means that you can go to your Task Dashboard and immediately see if anything is overdue. The person assigned to the task will get an email notification when the task is created and it will also appear in their personal dashboard. You can also create another flow to set up email notifications to be sent to you if a task is overdue.